It's here! The biggest music festival there is- and I am delighted to say that Nick Maxwell and I are all over it. Expect sword swallowing, robots, clowns and very special guests at every show.  

If you're headed to Glastonbury, you can catch us at the following spots:

6pm, The Bimble inn, The Park 
Featuring the Robot Wife and Special Guests 

2.40pm Sensation Seekers Stage, Theatre and Circus Field
Featuring Sadie Bell, the Robot Wife and more 
Midnight,  The Groovy Movie, Greenfields
Featuring the Robot Wife and Carl the naughty clown

2.40pm Sensation Seekers Stage, Theatre and Circus Field  
Featuring Sadie bell & Aerial Manx

3.15pm  Sensation Seekers Stage, Theatre and Circus Field  
Featuring Flossy and Boo, plus more guests to be announced 

See you there chaps! 

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