Looking for your very own Professor Elemental track? A written verse for  a special occasion? The voice of the Professor for your latest game, cartoon or advert? This page has all the answers. I've been lucky enough to work with a wide range of clients including Disney, Big Robot and P&O and many more. Whether providing voices for the latest cartoon or a promotional track for your business or pleasure, I can fit any brief.

Working with Tom Caruana for additional music, VoiceFox studios for professional sound quality and Peculiana for any video requirements, we have produced some fantastic tracks and promo videos. You can see examples of some of our previous work below. Get in touch directly at professor-elemental@outlook.com and chat about what we can do for you.   



Here are some of the services we offer: 

Bespoke songs that can be used to fit to specific requirements. Entertainers, PR companies, Ad agencies, games companies and even tattoo studios have had their own Professor Elemental song! Each song includes your choice of bespoke Tom Caruana beat and lyrics which include can cover anything you need (and then given the Professor elemental twist). You can listen to some examples on the showreel at the top of the page. 

Music videos which can be used for promotion of your product- this works especially well with computer games- and you can see some examples below. Videos are directed by Moog (director of all of my music videos thus far) and created and edited to the highest professional standard. 

Rap verses, if you're  looking for a special present for a Professor Elemental fan? I can produce a bespoke rap verse about the person or topic of your choice. Along with the written verse, I can also provide a recording or video of the verse. Or I can come and perform it for you live at your special occasion! Prices are cheaper than you might think and I guarantee 100% Elemental silliness. 

Voice Work of all types can be found through my agency, www.voicefox.co.uk where you can find my voice reel and some examples of previous work. Whether video games or cartoons, adverts or voice overs- I can provide a broad range of voices.  You can have a peek at some more examples of our bespoke work below...