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Welcome to the Art of Professor Elemental! Settle into a comfy chair by the fire, grab a fistful of custard creams and enjoy some music, comics and art in the Prof’s distinctive style. For over a decade the good Professor has been creating stories and music, comics and albums with some of the finest creative minds out there. 

Now it’s time to put it all together. 

In this 200 page, hardcover book- the Professor and his official biographer Chris Mole, will take you on a journey through six full length comic books, three novels, twelve albums and enough merchandise to fill an entire jumble sale. Each page will be in full colour and will feature newly created material just for this book, not to mention unpublished sketches and ideas from some very fine artists.  We also collect the six acclaimed comic books, art prints and novels. As well as every piece of art from a decade worth of albums.  

Join Charlie Adlard, Brian Kesinger, Jamie Keys, VV Glass, , Jenn Gyllblad and many more as you head into a world of sunshine and silliness, adventure and inclusivity, and all round optimism. 

As the book is already complete, we can go to press as soon as the campaign is finished! 

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And of course, we don't expect you just to support out of the goodness of your heart (although it's lovely if you do). We have an embarrassment of riches to deliver with our glorious rewards! You can choose from: Signed copies of the book, Bookmarks, Stickers, Art prints, Bespoke rap songs and even Comissioned art from the artists themselves. So not only can you enjoy the Art of the Professor, you can be part of the story too! 

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